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t  u  n  e  s


akorat - gated community (original mix)

Without any heavy peaks, but a constant groove in combination with cutting and evolving synthesizers to get lost in.

Thanks to Kiriakos Tompolidis for the artwork.

artwork: kiriakostml | master: ben pramuk
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akorat - cosmo nights (original mix)

Since more than a thousand years the Numu blacksmiths of the Mandinka people spread the sound of their Djembe drum from Guinea throughout the globe. The merchants from the middle east exchanged a Turkish Nay flute with one of the Numus Djembes in the 13th Century. It might well have been during this exchange that one of the other merchants on place, maybe coming from Mali, turned around its calabash and discovered its use as a percussion instrument. Sadly it is unlikely that an Indian Sitar was around during this imagined market jam scene, but you can listen to these instruments combined with typical deep house elements in ‚cosmo nights‘.

artwork: hanma_chang | text: Felix Loe
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m  i  x  t  a  p  e  s


akorat - autumn days (mixtape)

Cozy mixtape with tracks from Jon Sable, Jacques Greene, Huerta, DJ Boring, Chaos in the CBD and more.

Perfect vibes for chilled days at home.

listen on: soundcloud
artwork: Lukas Kotremba 
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